Shelton Interactive
Brandon Procell

Brandon Procell’s incredibly social personality makes the public relations industry a natural fit. He was originally hired as a publicist at Shelton Interactive, where he helped to promote thought leaders ranging from business authors to health professionals. It was only a matter of time before he developed a strong passion and expertise for all things social media.

Now, as a senior social media strategist, Brandon has created and implemented social media strategies to grow both the visibility and impact of some of the nation’s most well-known brands and thought leaders, including Chicken Soup for the Soul, Captain “Sully” Sullenberger, Chick-fil-A Vice President Dee Ann Turner, Carrie Morgridge, Share Fair Nation and more. He also helped drive one of the most successful pre-order campaigns for bestselling author Jon Acuff, who top major bestseller lists for his latest book Do Over.

Brandon loves getting to work with various passionate clients here at Shelton Interactive. From thought leaders to bestselling authors to some of America’s most well-known brands, Brandon has the privilege of working alongside world-changers who start conversations that matter. He’s absolutely honored to make a lasting impression with such an amazing team (#SHELTONITESFORLIFE).

Hailing from the lands of Bobcat Nation, Brandon is an alum of Texas State University in San Marcos. He graduated with a degree in internal business studies and was very involved on campus and in the local community. He served on the executive board of a political organization, to which he now serves as an alumni advisor. Brandon was given numerous opportunities to gain experience in the world of public relations while in San Marcos. He was quickly immersed and his skills and passion for changing lives ignited.

When Brandon isn’t working, he’s probably out of town because he loves to travel – the Pacific Northwest being his favorite, non-Texas part of the country. Brandon is a proud member of the staff at Life Unlimited Church where he wears many hats. When he’s hanging out around Austin, there’s a good chance you’ll find him eating some good tex-mex – he’s a diehard Chuy’s fan – or binge watching a show on Netflix. We would encourage you not to talk to him while The Walking Dead is on. You can follow Brandon on Twitter and Instagram at @Brandonrprocell.