Shelton Interactive
Melanie Cloth

Melanie Cloth is just a graphic designer looking for the best cup of cold-brew iced coffee in Austin, Texas.

When she’s not admiring adorable puppies on the internet (or IRL), Melanie can be found designing clean, elegant and interesting platforms for clients to interact with their audience. Her passion for communication and artistry make her a formidable Pictionary opponent. This competitive nature and creativity have served her well in her career as a graphic designer.

Melanie is proud to be part of the incredible team at Shelton Interactive, one of the top independent agencies in the country. She loves the opportunity to work with the talented, innovative individuals that make up the company’s employees and clients alike.

She began her career at Shelton Interactive as a social media designer, fine-tuning her branding skills for bestselling authors like Jon Acuff, Geoff Colvin, Denise Lee Yohn and Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger. As the graphic designer, Melanie has designed websites, logos and other design materials for Columbia University’s Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology department, leading literary agency Yates & Yates, non-profit organizations Share Fair Nation and Tim’s Big Heart Foundation and countless others.

Aside from graphic design, there are a few things that Melanie is truly passionate about: Young Adult fantasy-fiction (especially Harry Potter), science-fiction tv, painting and belting out 90’s R&B at karaoke. No diggity. She is also a wannabe gardener; however, she doesn’t necessarily have the green-thumb gene and mostly does her best not to kill her office plants.

A native of San Antonio, Texas, her journey has taken her far and wide. Melanie has lived in Hawaii, Germany and most recently, Reno, Nevada. Maybe it’s the breakfast tacos or the wealth of strange and creative residents, but she’s been proud to call Austin home for the last four years. She loves exploring Austin’s beautiful nature trails and parks with superpup, Xander (#xanderdoesatx) and her boyfriend by her side.