Shelton Interactive
Public Relations

Drawing on years of PR experience, Shelton Interactive works with some of the top brands and thought leaders in the world, to create PR campaigns focused on achieving client goals.

We approach PR a bit differently than most. Understanding that the world of public relations has changed dramatically in the past 5-10 years, Shelton Interactive combines relationships with top bloggers and journalists with creative and customized social media strategies developed to use a client’s online infrastructure to “pull” readers, clients, journalists and influencers to the client.

“Instrumental in our getting major media.”
Dr. Julie Silver, Chief Editor of Books, Harvard Health Publications

This combination of “push” and “pull” allows clients to benefit from our media relationships while also understanding that many journalists are now using Google and other social networks to find story ideas and experts and often the best way to get good PR is to be creative enough online that you give the media a reason to call you.

We take pride in generating bookings with some of the world’s largest media outlets, including The New York Times, Dr. Phil, Forbes and many others.

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