Shelton Interactive

Build it and they will come. 

While this may be true of baseball fields, it’s not for your website. The truth is the “field of dreams” you have imagined for your website may never materialize without search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is the process of communicating to Internet search engines, such as Google or Bing, what your website is for so your products or services are prominently listed for searchers in your target market. Shelton Interactive has developed a suite of finely crafted SEO programs to make sure your website gets the natural, organic search attention it deserves without long-term commitments or exorbitant up-front fees.

Whether making sure your website’s traffic is preserved during a migration or building search engine traffic for the future with a comprehensive ongoing SEO campaign, Shelton Interactive provides effective options for any level of search engine optimization your website may need.

Not sure exactly what your existing website needs are? Our SEO Audit is a reasonably priced, thorough and highly technical examination of your website, its Internet search channels and competitors, that will inform and educate you. Are there problems stopping your site from showing up on search pages? Can they be corrected and how? These questions, along with many others, will be addressed during the SEO audit process.

As the boundaries between SEO, social media, online publicity, and digital branding blur, it’s important to consider the broader implications.  Because we customize and coordinate our SEO efforts with world-class publicity and social media campaigns, you will encounter an unparalleled and positive digital marketing experience that will benefit you and your website for years to come.