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Harvard“Rusty is an engaging and terrific speaker! I invite him back year after year, because course attendees rave about his talks. His ideas and tips have been instrumental in our course attendees getting major media, including Oprah, Good Morning America and The Early Show.”~ Julie Silver, MD, Director of the Harvard CME course “Publishing Books, Memoirs and Other Creative Nonfiction

We love to speak because we’re passionate about helping authors and publishers build relationships with readers, media and others through creative online strategies.

Most importantly, we love to hear stories about people landing on Good Morning America or another major media outlet as a result of the ideas we discussed.

We speak to a variety of audiences, from Harvard PhDs to Writers League of Texas members and tailor each presentation to the unique needs of the audience.

Every presentation is focused on giving people the tools they need to confidently navigate the changing PR/marketing process, grow their personal brand and get more media coverage as a result.

Does your group need a good speaker? Here’s what we talk about.