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Google is Your Publicist

PR is changing. According to a recent George Washington University/Cision study, more than 80% of journalists head online when researching stories. 55% of those journalists head to social media. As an author, speaker, business owner or expert, your online presence directly affects your ability to snag those media opportunities. Whether the media is looking for deep water oil spill experts or self-help authors, this speech focuses on tips for efficiently expanding your net online.

The Changing Publicity Process: Why Change Means Opportunity for Authors

Aside from high finance, few industries have undergone more upheaval in the last two years than publishing and media. They are each shadows of their former selves, leaving authors drifting in a sea of information about what steps to take to get the word out about their books. Far from the doom and gloom heard from some insiders, this speech is all about the control authors now have over their own promotion and provides specific tips for authors looking to navigate this new process.

Social Media and Beyond: Understanding the Tools at Your Disposal

It’s overwhelming. Tweeting…vlogging…Digging…sleeping. You know you need to do something within social media but you have no idea where to start. Perhaps you launched a site or dabbled in a blog but haven’t seen any traffic yet and certainly no media attention. This presentation gives action steps and tangible tips for upping your online presence without losing your mind.