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The Art of the PR Pitch - This is How you Pitch by Ed ZitronLet me let you in on a little secret: the PR profession can be a lonely business. Contrary to what movies and TV might have you believe – cue Carrie Bradshaw’s version of public relations – the day-in-day-out professional life of a publicist isn’t quite the party that everyone imagines. Don’t get me wrong, I love it, but our world, as it pertains to media relations, looks a lot more like reading, researching, writing and pitching, and a lot less hobnobbing and “schmoozing.” For every PR pitch success, there are numerous pitches that go unanswered, leaving PR pros wondering: Did that journalist get my email? Did it go to spam? Maybe the topic wasn’t right? Was it the pitch? The topic? The right contact? My husband gives me a hard time because us PR-types get almost as excited about a “no” from a media contact as we do a “yes” – okay, maybe not quite that much, but really “no” is better than silence … We go to great lengths to make sure we’re on topic for a PR pitch, have the right contact and are positioned just right for those we’re contacting. And, thankfully, the Shelton Interactive team has a great track record of success, but, at times, there can be internal conflict. Enter: “This is How You Pitch: How to Kick Ass in Your First Year of PR,” by Ed Zitron. While “This is How You Pitch” is angled to those in their first year of public relations, as a veteran to the industry looking for material to help my team in this arena, I found this book to be every bit as relevant to me as it will be to my team and any new first-years we find ourselves mentoring. Zitron gives a no-nonsense explanation of best practices in reputation management and media relations that are sure to give PR newbies a solid foundation and set them up for success. For those further down the road, Zitron’s account of his experience in PR serves as a pep rally of sorts for anyone who’s experienced an is-it-me moment, while challenging even the most seasoned to get smart about how they’re pitching and focus on — even virtually — developing meaningful media relationships. So, from one PR pro to another, thank you Ed for telling us straight and reminding us that we’re all often in the same boat. Here’s to making the public relations industry the best we can be!